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I thought I would post up the focus question for this entire investigation and/or assignment. My own hypothesis to this driving question below.
I believe that literature shapes the world, not that the world shapes or reshapes literature. Literature is created to inspire and/or manipulate, thus it can (re)shape the world. The analysis and/or reading of literature is another form of literture's force it has in (re)shaping the world.
This hypothesis may or may not change by the end of this project; I hope it changes so that I with have the ability to thinking differently to what I did/am.
Also, my draft version of my appropritation is going suprisingly well. I thought for a while whether I was going to do a short story or a digital representation but I think writing a play is much more suitable to what I have in mind. It's more suitable in the way that I can present my ideas to not only adults but also to adolescents of today though the dialoge, the plot style and the characterisation of the roles. Please have a look at how I am going in the tab 'My Own Appropriation'.

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Your project is BEAUTIFUL!!

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