Second Star To The Right, and Straight On Till' Morning
The investigation on the two texts I have chosen is due to be finished today. I've found it quite interesting to compare the two, with their major contextual differences. Please go and check out my responses on the original text on the Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up page and on the appropriation I have chosen, the 2003 film Peter Pan.
While I have been doing extra research, I found this quirky website which has been and is so helpful! It has information on all the major characters, the author and people related to the inspiration of the novel. It also has links and direct information from wikipedia on biographies and on other appropriations (including the one I have chosen!). You should check it out! - I guess it's similar to what I have been creating on this website.
I'm starting to think of ideas for my own appropriation now. I'm thinking of going with something to do with my main concept I have derived from the texts - the experiences of the 'coming-of-age' process. Hopefully it all works out!
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