Second Star To The Right, and Straight On Till' Morning


Act I
Scene I: You Never Let Me Do Anything!

It would be a major generalisation to say all teenaged boys believe in going to a party or a club every weekend and getting so plastered they don’t even know what two plus two equals. Of course, this is a westernised stereotype which has manipulated young men all over the planet into becoming what all children promise their parents they won’t become; an addicted party-goer. The technique of consuming large amounts of alcohol quickly accompanied by illicit drugs is an ancient tradition in which men, and nowadays women, have been using for a source of excitement and entertainment over the ages. Majority of the time, the consequences of binge drinking combined with other drugs are usually physically and mentally agonizing.  You’re probably thinking,“Yes, I already know all this! I am or was a teenager after all.” Well,
if you are thinking that or you can relate to the crazy male adolescent stereotype, then maybe you can relate to Peter. 
Enter Peter Darling and Wendy Darling.

I hate you! I absolutely hate you! You never let me do anything I want! Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do? I’m eighteen years old now; I’m legal to do whatever I please in this country!

Wendy: You do understand Peter. You just don’t understand.

What don’t I understand!? It’s simple. I either both drink and have a good time with my friends or I don’t drink. Therefore there would be no reason for me to go to parties because I would look like a total pussy in front of everyone. They’re gonna start calling me worse things than “Mamma’s boy” soon enough!

Wendy: I know, I know. I understand what you are going through –

Peter: NO YOU DON’T! You don’t understand anything! You can’t stop me anymore. I’m legal now, to drink, to go out clubbing every night and to move out of home! You can’t stop me I’ll be gone by the end of the week!
 Exit Peter. 
What has happened to my sweet Peter Pan? Where did our adventures with Tiger Lilly and Tinker Bell go? I even miss playing Captain Hook being chased by Peter Pan with him; and let me tell you, it was painful running around in my full length boots and coat while this energetic two year old skipped after me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I thought I was just being a good mother by preventing him from getting involved in those wretched parties. They’re not even true parties! Why, when I was younger parties were filled with music, dancing and dressing up! Now they’re just an excuse for older kids to drink all they want and to trek it home at four o’clock in the morning. I don’t know what he’s going to do. All I hope for is for him to be safe.  If he is going to leave I hope he will be mature and sensible about it because he has no idea about torture and heart-break the big bad world puts you through. I think it would be best for me to just let him go otherwise he will definitely do something drastic.

Exit Wendy.

Scene II: Lies, Lies and More Lies
Enter Peter and Wendy. Wendy is sewing holes in Peter’s socks and Peter is looking for his car keys.

Wendy: Do you remember when we used to play the Adventures of Peter Pan? I miss Peter and the Lost Boys, don’t you?

Silence; Peter is still looking for the keys.
Wendy: Have you seen Lillian Bell lately? She’s an awfully nice girl. I remember when you two always used to play pirates in the bath. Well? Have you seen Lilly lately?
Peter found his car keys.

Peter: Yeah, I saw her the other day at school. She actually asked me to come over to her place for a study session this afternoon.

Wendy: Ahh, a study session! One of your favourite Saturday night activities, is it not Peter?

Wendy laughs hysterically while Peter gets his text books together.

Peter: I may stay the night with the Bell’s if that’s okay? 
Wendy: Sure it is, my love. Just make sure you thank Trudy and Keith for me please. Oh, and don’t do anything reckless because Trudy has my mobile on speed-dial!

Exit Peter.

Wendy: Ah, young love! She’s such an awfully nice girl too! He should consider himself lucky to have her as a best friend like her!

Exit Wendy.

Scene III: Party All Night Long

Enter Peter Darling, Michael Summerville, Samuel ‘Slightly’ Logan and four other friends in Warringah Mall Shopping Centre. 

Michael: Oi Slightly? Wanna hear somethin’ totally awwweesome!? I was talkin’ to my bro and he said he can get us into the new Soho bar in Kings Cross for FREE! How good is that!?

Slightly: That’s so good man! When did he say he can get us in?

Michael: He said only tonight, because the only other night he can get us in is the night before HSC starts and I ain’t goin’ out the night before exams; don’t care how cool the bar is.

Slightly: Yeah fair enough. You’re still a nerd though! Possibly nerdier than Lillian Bell!!

All boys shriek in disgust except Peter. 

Peter: Have you guys even talked to Lillian before? She’s a really nice girl. I’ve known her since I was like one and she’s one of my best friends, so don’t talk about her like that.

Michael: Ooooo, Peaty has a crush on Lilly!! Peaty and Lilly sitting in the tree, K.I.S.S.I –

Peter: Oh fuck off Mick! I don’t like her that way! She’s just a really good mate.

Slightly: Yeah right Peaty! You so like that chick! Anyways, Michael, let’s meet your bro at 12 after the Dee Why party and go in to the CBD by bus? Then we can catch a night bus back up this way. Sweet?

All the boys agree. Exit Peter and four other friends.

Slightly: We so need to get Peter some ‘E’. He needs a good time for once. Can your bro get some for us tonight?

Michael: Yeah no worries mate! John and some friends have been brewing in some abandoned industrial shed. He’ll have
some for us for sure.

Slightly: Sweet as! We all set for one heck of a night! WOOHOO!

 Exeunt Slightly and Michael.

 Act II
Scene I: Love and Other Drugs

 Enter Peter, Michael, Slightly at the Dee Why party. All three boys have had a few drinks already.

Peter: Is it nearly 12 yet? I ready to see this new club!

Michael: Calm ya farm Peaty! We still have half an hour till we are meeting John. Besides, aren’t you having a good time?

Peter: Of course I am! Free goon and hot chicks. What more can a guy want?!

Slightly: You’re damn right Peter! Imma gonna tell the DJ to change over to some dubstep! 

Narrator: The boys kept dancing, eating and drinking for another half hour or so. They met John Summerville at the local bus stop and end up in Sydney’s CBD at around 12:30am. John leads them into Kings Cross and into the Soho Bar, with one flick of the Security Guards’

Michael: Thanks a heap bro! You’re a legend! [Aside to John] To you have the disco biscuits on ya?

John:  I sure do. Now, don’t let anyone else have any cause I don’t want anyone else to know I’m dealing tonight.

Michael:  Yeah, no worries brutha! I’ll see you round?

Exit John.

Michael:  Here we go kiddies! Some sweeties for you, you and me.

Narrator: Michael handed Peter and Slightly a pink, circular tablet with the inscriptions “Love”and “Peace” on either side. The boys were all quite lost in intoxication that they had no idea what was going on. They placed the first succulent strawberry succubus onto
their tongues and gulped them down with one slurp of their beers. I now call them The Lost Boys as they were officially lost as soon as they dropped the ‘sweeties’ into their saliva. 

Enter Bar Owner accompanied by three security guards.

Security Guard 1: That’s them there boss. They are definitely out of it. Just look at the way they’re dancing and their facial

Bar Owner: Yes, I can see what you mean. Have you caught any of them in possession?

Security Guard 1: Yes sir, we caught their friend who got them into the bar dealing to some young women outside. His name is John

Bar Owner: Johnny Summerville? Dealing in my bar!? Oh, how the press are going to stone me in the morning! The guy’s a three time convicted drug trafficker and cultivator!! Alright, get all three of them but gently. You, go call the police and an ambulance. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! We have only just gotten into rhythm tonight and I already need a scotch!

Exeunt the Bar Owner. Two security guards drag the boys outside into the street to wait for the police to arrive.

Scene II: The Return to Neverland

Enter Senior Constable James Hook, Constable Penelope Smee and Peter, Slightly, Michael and John.

Narrator: Hook and Smee arrive and arrest the boys for illegal drug possession and selling. John is also arrested
for cultivation of illegal substances; MDMA and Cocaine. By this time, Peter is heavily drunk from binge drinking and is extremely high from two ecstasy tablets. He is in serious danger of hurting others and himself as well as becoming severely dehydrated.

Hook: So boys, had a good night so far?

Peter vomits continuously.

Smee: This one’s looking quite pale Sir. Maybe he should be taken to the hospital? 

Peter vomits again, moaning in pain. He is sweating profusely. 

Smee:  Scratch that, I’m going to call an ambo right now!

Narrator: Peter was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital at around three am. Peter was critically ill at this point; constantly vomiting and coming in and out of consciousness. Wendy is told to wait outside as doctors try to revive and rehydrate Peter. 

Enter Wendy and  Doctor.

Wendy:  Please tell me how he is sir! Please tell me my Peter is okay!! Oh, I shouldn’t have believed him when he said he was going to the Bell’s for a “study session”. I’m so stupid! Please sir, how is my Peter Pan??

Doctor:  Mrs Darling, Peter has come in very intoxicated and is also under the influence of illicit drugs. Our tests show that he consumed two ecstasy tablets at around two o’clock this morning. Mixing a stimulant such as ecstasy with a depressant such as alcohol is always very dangerous, however, not uncommon in Sydney. By taking MDMA or ecstasy while dancing, Peter’s body temperature has
risen dramatically to risky levels.

Wendy:  Yes, yes, I understand but is Peter okay? Is he going to be okay?!

Doctor:  Our tests have shown that Peter has a severe case of hyperthermia, which means his body has overheated to fatal levels. At this point, Peter is drifting in and out of consciousness which means he is constantly chocking on his own vomit. We are trying everything we can to get him rehydrated and keep him conscious.

Wendy: Oh my god! My baby! My baby!

Doctor: We will notify you when any news pops up ok, Mrs Darking? If you need anything, just ask one of the ladies at the desk

Exit Doctor.

Wendy: Peter! Oh Peter! I’m so sorry! This is all my fault! I’m so sorry!

Narrator: Mrs Darling wailed like this for hours on end. Meanwhile, the doctors of St Vincent’s Hospital tried all they could to keep Peter conscious. Unfortunately, they failed to revive Peter that morning. The two other Lost Boys survived with no injuries except the guilt and
the fines they received. John was also fined a large sum and imprisoned for his crimes. 

I didn’t get to say my goodbye to Peter but I’m sure he was thinking of all our wonderful childish adventures we had together in his
mother’s bath tub. Peter had forgotten the gift he was given from his darling mother; life. Peter was still in the Neverland, where children never ever grow up. As Peter never left the Neverland, he could not accept the responsibilities of becoming an adult. Instead, he abused these responsibilities, which prevented him from becoming what Peter Pan cannot be, a man.

Written by Jessica Mauger