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I thought I would post up the focus question for this entire investigation and/or assignment. My own hypothesis to this driving question below.
I believe that literature shapes the world, not that the world shapes or reshapes literature. Literature is created to inspire and/or manipulate, thus it can (re)shape the world. The analysis and/or reading of literature is another form of literture's force it has in (re)shaping the world.
This hypothesis may or may not change by the end of this project; I hope it changes so that I with have the ability to thinking differently to what I did/am.
Also, my draft version of my appropritation is going suprisingly well. I thought for a while whether I was going to do a short story or a digital representation but I think writing a play is much more suitable to what I have in mind. It's more suitable in the way that I can present my ideas to not only adults but also to adolescents of today though the dialoge, the plot style and the characterisation of the roles. Please have a look at how I am going in the tab 'My Own Appropriation'.
The investigation on the two texts I have chosen is due to be finished today. I've found it quite interesting to compare the two, with their major contextual differences. Please go and check out my responses on the original text on the Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up page and on the appropriation I have chosen, the 2003 film Peter Pan.
While I have been doing extra research, I found this quirky website which has been and is so helpful! It has information on all the major characters, the author and people related to the inspiration of the novel. It also has links and direct information from wikipedia on biographies and on other appropriations (including the one I have chosen!). You should check it out! - I guess it's similar to what I have been creating on this website.
I'm starting to think of ideas for my own appropriation now. I'm thinking of going with something to do with my main concept I have derived from the texts - the experiences of the 'coming-of-age' process. Hopefully it all works out!
I have watched the Peter Pan movie made in 2003, staring Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood. It's so different to the novel in so many ways but it's exactly the same when it comes to the some aspects of the plot and the characterisation. Also, the imagery that the novel creates is represented in the movie quite well. I originally thought that this version  of Peter Pan was going to be similar to the Disney version in the way that it would be based around the values of early 1900's England and around childish morals. To my excitement, it wasn't at all based around these values and morals. However, P.J.Hogan's variation of the narrative contrasts the novel as it portrays modern ideas. This is seen through the fact that Wendy is the much more protagonistic in this movie than she is in the novel. It is also alot less sexist towards Wendy and all women in general in the movie. I read this quote in the novel the other day and I still can not believe women were expected to do housework, look after the children in all manner of ways and still be loyal to a demanding (and usually sexist) husband! "Wendy's favourite time for sewing and darning was after they had all gone to bed. Then, as she expressed it, she had breathing time for herself; and she occupied it in making new things for them, and putting double pieces on the knees, for they were all most frightfully hard on their knees." pg.88, chp.7, Peter Pan. here's a link to a HD version of the film on youtube
However this has always been my absolute favourite scene! How they have filmed them flying under the ceiling makes it look as they I really flying in the sky. "Never is an awfully long time. :)"
As I read through Peter Pan, I realise something which I didn't notice when I was younger; Peter Pan is the rudest characters ever!! He is the ultimate version of an annoying 5 years old who forgets people as soon as he meets them! It's frustrating to read, however, I am still enjoying every moment of it!
I have started to research into J.M.Barrie's life, and I have discovered that he was quite well off from the beginning, rather, he had a good education at three different Scottish Academy's. I also discovered that his mother favouritised his older brother, David. A quote from Wikipedia explains how issues with his mother may have been a psychological aspect to his creation of Peter Pan. "When he was 6 years old, David died two days before his 14th birthday in an ice-skating accident. This left his mother devastated, and Barrie tried to fill David's place in his mother's attentions, even wearing David's clothes and whistling in the manner that he did. One time Barrie entered her room, and heard her say 'Is that you?' 'I thought it was the dead boy she was speaking to,' wrote Barrie in his biographical account of his mother, Margaret Ogilvy (1896), 'and I said in a little lonely voice, "No, it's no' him, it's just me."' Barrie's mother found comfort in the fact that her dead son would remain a boy forever, never to grow up and leave her."
This, I believe, is a significant reason to why Barrie carries on the idea of 'motherhood' in Peter Pan; Peter Pan may be a symbol of him, who is searching for a mother, and Wendy may be the symbol of the embodiment of his mother or the ideal mother.
This comes back to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalystic theory of "The Oedipus" joint with Carl Jung's theory of the archetypes to do with the mother (anima). I'm going to try and go deeper with this concept in my own appropriation I think.
Today, after recieving the assignment, I have mainly focused my studies into picking the right text which has an appropriation in which I can draw similarities and differences from as well as a text which relfects or doesn't reflect the social, moral, religious and intellectual values of the time. I'm thinking of either going with The Wizard of Oz (because it's one of my favourite films) or with Peter Pan. I always loved watching the Disney animated version of Peter Pan when I was younger; I so desperately wanted to go to the Mermaid Lagoon (I adored mermaids when I was younger haha)! However, the more I look into the life of the author of Peter Pan, J.M.Barrie, I go deeper and deeper into his imaginative mind.
In my research, I discovered something quite unusual. Barrie actually based some of the characters in Peter Pan with his adopted children. He met the Davies family and he fell in love with the eldest sister, Sylvia, who was the guardian of the five sons; John, Michael, George, Peter and Nicholas. Aparently they inspired Barrie to create the adventures of Peter Pan so as to entertain them with moralising stories. Perhaps Barrie was too innocent himself to realise what he had made-up!
Well, from this, I think I am going to choose to do Peter Pan as my original text and one of the films as the appropriation.


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